Will Waller

Will Waller

CEO, National Wheelchair Basketball Association

Will Waller is the CEO of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association. He’s been involved in the sport for 25 years, becoming involved after being shot and sustaining a spinal cord injury growing up in Chicago in 1992, as a result of inner-city violence. Will has had success on every level of the sport, including two Paralympic bronze medals, two world championship gold medals and one world championship bronze medal. Prior to taking on the CEO role, he was a board member focused on giving back to the sport, its current athletes and future members. The sport fueled a once dormant desire to succeed, which manifested itself on and off the court. In addition to his role with the NWBA, Waller is a speaker in the areas of leadership, performance and culture. Prior to his current endeavors, he was a human resource executive with experience at three Fortune 150 companies: Honeywell International, Whirlpool Corporation and The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. A customer-focused leader, Waller is most well-known for his passionate approach to teamwork, driving change and building relationships.