Micah Desforges

Micah Desforges

Founder and CEO, Tribu Expérientiel
Micah Desforges is the founder and CEO of Tribu Expérientiel, an agency that specializes in creating and producing major events for the youth and the young at heart. A true ambassador for urban sports, he is renowned for the originality and accessibility of his ideas. Desforges is a sought-after public speaker as well as a participant of the popular television show Dragon’s Den (2020 Toronto show and 2017 Montreal show). His business vision has been to democratize action sports for the benefits of active youth, while also reaching out to the public at large and helping brands and destinations generate economic and social impacts. Desforges is well-established in the Montréal community and its culture for transforming iconic urban spots to create unique experiences, including the Jackalope festival, which has welcomed 75,000 festival-goers and 500 athletes from around the world, including legendary Tony Hawk, Mat Hoffman and Bob Burnquist.