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King Quic

King Quic

Member, MZK Worldwide

A citizen of the world and servant to communities near and far, King Quic travels internationally as a hip-hop philosopher, fitness educator, choreographer, cultural preservationist and professional dancer in the areas of salsa, lockin’ and breakin.’ With 20 years of professional dance experience, Quic is the founder and president of the FunkLordz, a street culture crew preserving and extending the foundations of native street dance for two decades. King Quic is also the creative director of Toma Fit, a community-first organization committed to cultivating the physical intelligence of youth, children and their families in Atlanta and beyond. He is a council member for MZK (Mighty Zulu Kings) the oldest and most influential bboy/bgirl crew in the world. Everyone who comes into contact with Quic relates him as an individual whose spirit is filled to the brim with a clever mix of charisma, ambition and vision. He is completely alive, using the rich socio-political history of the South Bronx as testament to what can be created with determination, community-building and the power of imagination!