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2023 Presenters

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Emma Hunt

Emma Hunt


A then 5-year-old Emma Hunt tagged along to the climbing gym one day with her dad after he decided to take up climbing as exercise. They started going as a family and her love grew for the sport as well as her talent. She started competing at 8 years old and now at 19, she holds the American record in speed climbing. Hunt competes primarily in speed climbing, an event in which the athletes race up the wall like spiders in an exciting head-to-head format. Sport climbing was added to the Olympics for the Tokyo Games with a combined event in which athletes competed in all three disciplines: bouldering, lead and speed. The climbing program for the 2024 Games in Paris will include two medal events for men and women: one combining bouldering and lead, and the other a standalone speed competition. In August, Hunt won a silver medal at the world championships in sport climbing’s speed event and qualified for the 2024 Paris Olympics. Currently, Hunt is enrolled in Kennesaw University online courses while training where she is majoring in Spanish, modern languages and looking into pursuing a degree in Healthcare Sciences.