Dr. Seun Adigun

Dr. Seun Adigun


Dr. Seun Adigun, a chiropractor and biomechanist, focuses on injury prevention and rehabilitation while bringing an extremely unique blend to sports medicine. She holds several academic degrees and earned two bachelor’s degrees, two master’s degrees and a doctorate in chiropractic by the age of 30. Adigun’s impressive academic achievements came alongside an equally impressive athletic career. As a first-generation Nigerian-American, she completed her NCAA career as an All-American hurdler and went on to become a three-time Nigerian national champion and two-time champion in the 100m hurdles. She competed in the 2012 Olympic Summer Games and resurfaced three years later as a winter athlete in the sport of bobsled. She competed as a brakeman for Team USA during the 2015–2016 winter season, and the following year became the driver of the first African bobsled team, which she started for the country of Nigeria. The team became Nigeria’s first squad to compete at the Olympic Winter Games. In 2018, the International Olympic Committee recognized Adigun as the first athlete from an African country to compete in both an Olympic Summer and Winter Games.