Devin Murphy

Devin Murphy

Head of Esports Events for North America, Riot Games

Devin Murphy is the head of esports events for North America at Riot Games, where since 2018 he has been designing a roadmap to take the [North American League of Legends professional league] LCS Finals semi-annually to new markets and venues, while expanding the on-site experience and incorporating a growing roster of partners. Prior to that, he was an event producer for Riot Games working on every show produced from central headquarters, ranging from the 2016 Toronto LCS Summer Finals (still the highest-attended esports event in history for North America) through the 2017 Brazil Mid-Season Invitational and Worlds 2017 and 2018, which took place over five-week runs in China and Korea, respectively. Recently anchored stateside to focus on North America, urphy has been pivoting LCS Finals events to adapt to COVID-19 through collaborations with TheSushiDragon for the LCS Spring Finals 2020 After-Party, and Grammy-nominated rapper Logic for the LCS Summer Finals 2020 Opening Ceremony.